Water hammer is a pressing challenge in any pressurized water system, particularly in the agricultural sector.

This phenomenon occurs when water in a pipeline stops abruptly, as is often the case at the end of a pivot system in irrigation. A notable incident with one of our clients involved their center pivot system experiencing water hammer, which prompted them to seek our expertise at Hughes Farm Services. In response, we implemented a solution that not only resolved the issue but also enhanced the overall functionality of their system.

Understanding the gravity of water hammer, which can lead to substantial damage to pipelines, fittings, and irrigation equipment, our team at Hughes Farm Services opted for a proactive approach. We installed a specially designed pressure relief valve, a solution tailored to counteract the detrimental effects of water hammer in high-pressure irrigation settings. The chosen valve is recognized for its durability and efficiency, capable of managing high flow rates and pressures common in agricultural irrigation.

The effectiveness of this valve lies in its rapid response to sudden pressure increases, thereby preventing the pressure build-up that results in water hammer. The accompanying video illustrates the valve’s seamless integration and operation within the client’s irrigation system operating at 1600 gallons per minute (6050 liters per minute) at a pressure of 75 psi (5.2 bar). As the system pressures up and the pipe is filled to capacity, there’s a sharp rise in pressure due to the velocity of the water filling the system. Under typical circumstances, this would be an ideal scenario for water hammer. However, our installed pressure relief valve, set to activate at 100 psi (6.9 bar), proficiently vents out any excess pressure, thus maintaining a safe operational threshold.

What sets this solution apart is its adaptability. The adjustable nature of the valve allows for fine-tuning to suit specific system requirements and varying conditions. This flexibility is vital in agriculture, where water hammer can differ in intensity based on factors like water velocity, pipeline dimensions, and crop types.

Since implementing our solution, the client has observed a significant reduction in problems associated with water hammer such as pipeline oscillation and rubber drains blowing out. This has not only led to smoother operations but has also contributed to an extended lifespan of their irrigation equipment.

At Hughes Farm Services, we recognize the uniqueness of each farm and its irrigation needs. Our commitment is to provide customized, innovative solutions to combat water hammer, safeguarding the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural operations. Our team continues to be dedicated to delivering reliable and effective irrigation solutions, ensuring your farming practices run smoothly and effectively.

These valves can be found in a variety of options in our shop, but after ordering you should reach out to us so we can customize one for your machine. We also carry air vents and vacuum relief valves, call to order.



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