Pressure & Suction Hose

Our Pressure & Suction Hoses are designed to connect smoothly with pressurized lines, ensuring a reliable supply of water for your irrigation needs. These hoses are also capable of drawing water from external sources like ponds or rivers, making them a versatile choice for various irrigation setups.

Plastic & Aluminum Pipe

Choose from our range of Plastic & Aluminum Pipes for effective long-distance water transfer across your farm. These pipes are ideal for both high and low-pressure water pumping, offering durability and adaptability to suit different irrigation requirements and landscapes.

Well Drop Pipe

Our Well Drop Pipes, available in both steel and plastic options, are tailored for well-based water extraction. They connect efficiently to water pumps, providing a stable and secure means to draw water from underground sources for your irrigation system.


Control your water flow with precision using our selection of Automatic and Manual Valves. These valves are essential for managing water connections, offering you the flexibility to regulate water supply according to your farm’s irrigation needs.

Galvanized & Aluminum Fittings

Our Galvanized and Aluminum Fittings are designed to seamlessly connect pipes, hoses, and irrigators. They ensure a secure and leak-free junction, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your farm’s irrigation system.

Clamps & Gaskets

Ensure the integrity of your irrigation system with our Clamps and Gaskets. These components are crucial for maintaining strong connections between various irrigation elements, preventing leaks and ensuring optimal water flow throughout your system.