Soft Starts

Why Choose Soft Starts?

Easy on Equipment: Our soft starts ensure a smooth start-up, significantly reducing the large inrush currents typical in traditional “hard-start” methods. This approach not only minimizes mechanical stress on your motor but also extends the life of your pump and pipes, safeguarding your investment.

Customized Solutions: We recognize that every system has unique needs. That’s why we collaborate with multiple suppliers, ensuring we offer the best possible solution tailored to each customer’s specific requirements.

Energy Efficiency and Compliance: By moderating the start-up current, our soft starts not only help in reducing energy costs but also ensure compliance with electric company regulations on high horsepower motors.

Extended Equipment Life: The reduced mechanical stress and lower electrical demands during start-up mean your equipment lasts longer, providing more value and reliability.


We’re not just about water, we’re about power too. Recognizing the diverse energy needs of modern agriculture, we offer a versatile range of generators designed to be mounted on diesel, propane, or natural gas motors. These generators are the heartbeat of center pivot irrigation systems, ensuring that your crops get the water they need, when they need it, regardless of your location’s power infrastructure.

Versatility in Fuel Options: Whether you prefer diesel, propane, or natural gas, our generators are built to be compatible. This flexibility allows you to choose the fuel that’s most accessible and cost-effective for your operation.

Reliable Power Supply: Our generators are engineered for efficiency and durability, providing a consistent and reliable power source for your center pivot systems. This means uninterrupted irrigation, ensuring that your crops are well-watered for optimum growth.

Easy Integration: Designed with the modern farmer in mind, our generators are easy to mount on various motor types. This seamless integration ensures that you can get your system up and running with minimal hassle.

Tailored to Agricultural Needs: Understanding the unique demands of agricultural settings, our generators are built to withstand the rigors of farm life. They are robust, weather-resistant, and capable of delivering high performance under varying environmental conditions.

Bulk Wire

We recognize the diverse and specific needs of modern agricultural and irrigation systems. To meet these demands, we offer high-quality bulk wire in direct burial URD format, available in large rolls up to 5000 feet. This ensures that you have ample length for even the most extensive installations.

Custom-Cut Lengths: We understand that every project is unique. To ensure you get exactly what you need, without excess or shortfall, we offer the option to have your wire roll custom-cut directly from the factory. This bespoke service means you receive wire that perfectly fits your specific requirements.

Durability and Quality: Our direct burial wire is designed for longevity and reliability. It’s built to withstand the challenges of underground installation, offering resistance to moisture, corrosion, and soil conditions. This ensures a long-lasting and safe operation for your irrigation systems.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: By providing wire in the exact lengths you need, we help you avoid wastage and additional costs. This approach not only makes your installation process more efficient but also more cost-effective.

Wide Range of Applications: Our bulk wire is ideal for a variety of applications, particularly in connecting and powering irrigation systems, including center pivots, pumps, and other agricultural equipment.

Cut Wire

Complementing our bulk wire offerings, Hughes Farm Services is also equipped to handle your immediate and smaller-scale project needs. We maintain a ready stock of common sizes of quadruplex direct burial wire, available for quick and efficient cutting to meet your urgent requirements.

Immediate Availability: For projects that require a faster turnaround, our in-stock quadruplex wire is the ideal solution. We ensure that common sizes are always available, enabling us to provide you with the wire you need without delay.

Versatile Applications: Quadruplex direct burial wire is perfect for a variety of applications in agricultural and irrigation systems. Whether it’s for connecting small pumps, lighting, or other equipment, our wire is designed to meet the diverse needs of your farm efficiently.

Quality and Durability: Like all our products, this wire is crafted for durability and reliability. Its robust construction ensures it can withstand underground conditions, offering consistent performance and longevity.

Convenience and Efficiency: Our ready-to-cut quadruplex wire streamlines your project timelines. By eliminating the wait for custom orders on smaller projects, we help you stay on schedule and maintain the momentum of your operations.