We proudly offer Zimmatic Center Pivots, renowned for their innovative technology and durability. These pivots are designed for maximum efficiency and precision in water application, ensuring optimal crop hydration. With a range of customizable options, Zimmatic Pivots cater to diverse agricultural needs, from small plots to expansive fields. Our expert team assists in selecting, installing, and maintaining these systems, providing a seamless integration into your irrigation strategy. Trust Zimmatic for reliable, effective irrigation that enhances productivity and conserves resources.

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FieldNET by Lindsay is an award-winning irrigation management platform that revolutionizes water resource management in agriculture. This versatile technology allows growers to remotely monitor and control all aspects of their pivot and lateral irrigation systems from any location, regardless of the equipment’s age or brand. Its fully integrated wireless management tool not only reduces time and effort in the field but also offers enhanced control and visibility, leading to increased efficiency, cost savings, and improved sustainability in farming operations.

FieldNET Advisor

FieldNET Advisor is a cutting-edge component of Lindsay’s FieldNET irrigation management system, designed to enhance the decision-making process for farmers. It provides daily, customized irrigation recommendations based on detailed field data, crop type, growth stage, and local weather conditions. This intelligent tool optimizes water usage, ensuring that crops receive precisely what they need for optimal growth, thereby improving yield potential and resource efficiency. FieldNET Advisor simplifies irrigation planning, making it easier for growers to achieve higher productivity while conserving water and reducing costs.

Ocmis hose reels stand out in the irrigation industry due to their high efficiency and robust design. They feature a highly efficient turbine, which is notable for its low-pressure loss and accurate retraction rates, ensuring effective water distribution even under lower pressure conditions. This makes them particularly suitable for a variety of irrigation needs, from small gardens to expansive agricultural fields. Additionally, Ocmis hose reels are available in a wide range of sizes, catering to different requirements and providing flexibility in application. A key aspect of their durability is the high-quality galvanization of their components, offering enhanced resistance to corrosion and wear. This combination of efficiency, versatility, and durability makes Ocmis hose reels a reliable choice for optimal irrigation management.

FarmHQ is a cutting-edge smart irrigation control system that modernizes farming practices by allowing real-time monitoring and control of various irrigation equipment like hose reels, center pivots, and pumps directly from a smartphone. It provides farmers with detailed information on their irrigation system, including location, speed, pressure, and flow rate. Designed for ease of use and installation, FarmHQ transforms existing irrigation setups into intelligent, remotely controlled systems, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and conserving water.