Square D VH364R HDSS TYPE3R 600V 200 AMP 3 POLE Fuse




  • Viewing window allows visual confirmation of switch state with door closed
  • Heavy duty fusible 200A, 600VAC/600VDC safety switch
  • Suitable for service entrance when equipped with neutral assembly or equipment grounding kit
  • Quick make, quick break operating mechanism
  • Dual cover interlock blocks opening cover if switch is on and switching on if cover is open

Schneider Electric’s Square D heavy duty safety switch is designed to be tough, reliable and provide exceptional performance in the most grueling conditions. They have been designed to have a significantly higher durability than a standard switch and have a durability three times greater than NEMA standard making it ideal for all your commercial and industrial needs. All heavy duty safety switches feature a quick-make, quick-break operating mechanism, a dual cover interlock, and a color coded indicator handle. This three blade fusible heavy duty safety switch that is rated at 200A with a voltage 600 VAC and 600 VDC. This fusible disconnect has a short circuit rating of either 10kA or 200kA depending on fuses used. This switch is Type 3R rated with a galvannealed steel enclosure and comes with factory installed viewing window. The device accepts H,K,R fuse types as shipped and can be field modified for J fuses, unit is surface mounted. The safety switch has a 3-wire configuration of 3 poles but a solid neutral can be installed in the field using solid neutral kit. The disconnect comes with standard lugs that are not grounded but equipment grounding kits can be used make lugs grounded. The wire range for this switch is AWG 6…250 kcmil aluminium and copper. All heavy duty safety switches are tested per UL98 and NEMA KS1 standards and listed in the UL files E2875 and E154828.

Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 in