Hot Shot Systems TR-1000


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Remote radio-based pump control. No subscriptions, no renewals.

Select “Includes: Battery” for use at pivot system. In case of power failure, relay will shut pump off. No battery needed at pump itself.

Transmitter Operation:
The input connects directly to the pivots well control relay with dry contacts (no voltage) or hot contacts (24vac to 120vac).

Receiver Operation:
The output relay is used to energize or de-energize high voltage control relays or Murphy switches.


    • Powered by 120 VAC or 12 VDC standard
    • Redundant Signalling
    • Built in Battery Charger
    • Last pivot Standing Control capabilities
    • NEMA 4x Weather proof Cabinet
    • System Supervision with FAIL SAFE operation.
    • Start-Stop Operation
    • Stop ONLY Operation
    • Advanced Lightning Protection
    • Top Mounted 39 in. Antenna Included
    • No computer needed to program TR-1000’s
    • Backward compatible with all Hot Shot Models

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Battery, No Battery