Welcome to Hughes Farm Service. We are your one-stop for irrigation sales and service in Murray and have served the Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, and Missouri area for over 3 decades. Additionally, our machines have traveled as far as Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. If it’s dry, it’s time to buy! We sell center-pivot irrigation best suited for large square or rectangular fields and OCMIS hard hose reels suited for any type of field and crop! Our machines have been used to water hemp, tobacco, corn, soybeans, hay, and a variety of other crops effectively and efficiently. In addition, we sell the pumps you need to supply water to your crops, and the wire to power them! We keep in stock a large selection of hoses, as well as a variety of different hard-hose travelers from Ocmis, as well as genuine Lindsay parts for your pivots! We also have great deals on used machines and trade-ins! Call or come by today and get watering.

Buy a machine now to irrigate your hemp before you need it and you’ll be ahead of the curve!